If you / your child would like to join a group in Mid Sussex, please apply to the group of your choice by clicking the link in the table below. You will then be directed to your chosen group’s application form or web site (dependent on the group’s procedures).

Scouting in Mid Sussex is entirely volunteer led with thousands of hours donated weekly by over 400 regular volunteers. Please consider doing joining us. – there is a link after completing the application form for your child.

Click to apply to a group
BolnoreBolnore VillageBCSApply to Bolnore
1st Burgess HillStation Road, Burgess HillBCSBCSApply to 1st Burgess Hill
5th Burgess HillGordon Road, Burgess HillBCSApply to 5th Burgess Hill
7th Burgess HillSt Andrew's Church youth Centre Can't Lane, Burgess HillCBSApply to 7th Burgess Hill
8th Burgess HillRoyal George Road, Burgess HillBCSApply to 8th Burgess Hill
1st CuckfieldStocklands Close, CuckfieldBSCApply to 1st Cuckfield
1st DitchlingEast End Lane, DitchlingBCSApply to 1st Ditchling
1st HassocksParklands Road, HassocksBCSSApply to 1st Hassocks
1st Haywards HeathFranklands village, Haywards Heath BSCApply to 1st Haywards Heath
5th Haywards Heath (St Paul's)Franklands Village, Haywards Heath BSCApply to 5th Haywards Heath
10th Haywards Heath Redwood Centre, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath BSSCApply to 10th Haywards Heath
1st Hurstpierpont Brown Twins Road, HurstpierpointBCBCSSApply to 1st Hurstpierpoint
1st LindfieldEastern Road, LindfieldSSCBBCApply to 1st Lindfield
1st Scaynes HillLewes Road Scaynes HillBCSApply to 1st Scaynes Hill
Explorers (14-18 yrs)VariousApply to Explorers



Once you have completed the form please consider volunteering yourself.