As we come to the end of our first full academic year using a different training model, that we trialed last May, the Young Leader unit has run 4 full day training sessions, along with 4 evening sessions plus help sessions with Young Leaders, as well as Young Leader leaders attending section nights to support both the Leaders and Young Leaders. 

So far we have signed off 52 Young Leaders as completing their Module A – Essential and Safeguarding module for all new Young Leaders. Along with this, we have presented a whopping 260 other modules (B to K) certificates which are optional training for Young Leaders, but provide them with skills and tools to support Section Leaders and become Role Models for the younger sections. 

With all training, it is about putting it into practice, meaning that we have been able to issue 31 missions badges to Young Leaders, support 7 completions of their Young Leader Belt and issue 1 Explorer Scout Young Leader Service Award (turning into an adult leader) – which in itself is a massive achievement for those Young Leaders, completing a Scouting Top Award!

If you want to know more about the Young Leader Scheme in Mid Sussex then please visit our webpage, or if you want to know more from us about how to support Young Leaders or help provide Young Leaders with the tools and skills then please contact us on, you could use your experience and expertise to deliver just one module or support then in completing missions – working together we can support Young Leaders to be the Leaders of the Future and provide them with skills for life!

Now if that is not enough to celebrate Young Leaders’ achievements this year or spark an interest in your help, let’s hear it from the Young Leaders themselves:


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