For all leaders, section assistants and helpers: we are moving forward on the Volunteering transformation process. Have you logged in to check your details are up to date? Is your training up to date? Click on the transformation link for more information.

Transformation Compass

A new adult membership database to replace Compass


One of the primary pillars of our transformation is to increase the use of digital tools. Our digital first strategy supports our members in running scouting day-to-day, helps grows our movement, and puts our people at the heart of what we do.

Becoming a digital first organisation allows us to transform scouting. It helps us produce tools and services for everyone which are easy to use, enjoyable, engaging and efficient. Being digital first isn’t about being digital only, and it’s not about being digital for the sake of it.

To help our adults learn about, understand and use our new digital tools, the Scouts Website has a dedicated area which provides useful information.

A key element of transformation will be the introduction of a new adult membership system. This will be accessible to all adult volunteers through a single sign on from within the web site. The new system will incorporate three areas covering

  • new adult members joining
  • adult membership records
  • adult learning and development

For some members there will be a requirement to change the e-mail address that they use for scouting. This is because the underlying database that the membership system runs on expects a unique email address for each user. We will provide more guidance in the coming months to remind and help with this change.

The system will be launched in February 2024, read about the latest on the system by clicking the HQ link below

Click here to find out more about the new adult membership system

Cleaning up Compass

As you will imagine, there is a lot of data stored on Compass covering personal details, emergency contacts, appointment records and completed and required training. All of this will need to be reviewed, checked, and amended so that the data uploaded to the new system, later in 2023, is as clean and accurate as possible.

Whilst some of this can and will be done centrally at HQ, and County level, much of the personal data is just that, personal. This means that the only person to provide information and confirm held data is the person themselves. At some point therefore, over the coming weeks, your line manager; GSL, DC etc will be in touch to ensure that all your Compass records are correct and any gaps such as missing e-mail addresses, emergency contacts etc are populated. Please help the process as much as you can in responding to any requests and update data.

It is also important that we maintain this cleaned up Compass over the coming months so, please if you change e-mail address, or mobile number, ensure that you update your own Compass record. Similarly at Group and District levels, when adding, amending, or deleting appointments, do please complete all the required areas. If in doubt, please ask

Click here for information to help you with tidying things up on Compass for the members of your group

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