Scouting is aptly named as a Movement. People spend time in the Movement, some for only a few months and some for many years, both giving and gaining skills and experience before moving on. As a result of some of our Leaders moving to new challenges, we have the opportunity for people to join us particularly in the Explorer Scout section working with young people aged 14 – 18 yrs providing them with Skills for Life.

Opportunities exist for Explorer Scout Leaders and Assistant Explorer Scout leaders in two units, the ‘Inferno‘ unit in Burgess Hill and the ‘Greensand‘ unit in Hassocks.

Each leader brings unique skills to the unit to help meet the main task of the role – delivery of a safe, exciting and stimulating balanced programme for the section taking into account the needs, interests and abilities of the 14-18 years old Explorer scouts in the section.

If you are interested in any of these roles or want more information please email    xxxx   somebody  xxxxx

Full details of the job description for the Explorer Scout Leader role can be found here