Saturday saw Scouting put on the map in Haywards Heath. Beavers, Cubs Scouts, Explorers and other helpers took the opportunity to promote Scouting in Mid Sussex at the Haywards Heath Town Day. Recently purchased feather banners flew, promotional leaflets handed out and most importantly Campfire S’mores were available to be toasted at the District Gazebo.

An extracts from Mark Scholfield’spost is here:

Hi all, well I have a huge number of thanks to make today, and so here goes!
Firstly, a huge thanks from me to Jo Bevan and Alan Dyke and their leaders, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and other helpers who worked so hard at both Haywards Heath and Lindfield Town Days today.

A thanks also from me to the District Exec who approved the purchase of some much needed promotional feather banners which can be used across the District at such events, as well as adult recruitment leaflets complete with a QR code which provides a quick access link to the District volunteer page as well as promoting the W2J email address. Lets hope we get plenty of enquires through to Holly Pattenden who monitors these and gets them out to the relevant groups as quickly as possible.

Our main focus today was with Haywards Heath due to the ongoing battle to try and secure the future of the Redwood Centre (Mid Sussex Scouts HQ and the base for 10th Haywards Heath)and the good news is that we were able to speak to a large numbers of Councillors who seemed eager to listen. The future of the site is still uncertain but a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to build our case, and again thanks are due to Tony Pearson for everything he is doing here.

Finally, I have to give my biggest shout out to Jo Bevan for organising the production and procurement of the District promotional items, distributing the new recruitment leaflets to Lindfield for their town day as well as jumping in last minute as the driving force for the HH Town Day despite significant personal challenges. Jo, you are a superstar!

What a day, thanks again all !

Here are some photos from the HH Town Day!