Charlotte’s persistence pays off

Charlotte Anderson moved up from Hassocks Cubs to Scouts in September 2016 and was game to have a go at the new activities on offer. During late September through to mid November weekly Rifle shooting practices were held by Brian Spencer and Philip O’Connell with the eventual aim to choose 8 scouts to represent the Group in the 2016 District Rifle Shooting Competition.  Charlotte tried this out and really enjoyed participating. She impressed us with her attitude and willingness to learn. With her good results in practice she was chosen for the Hassocks team.  

Hassocks won the 2016 Competition with Hassocks team coming 1st,4th5th& 6th. The top 4 highest scorers went on to represent the District in the County Competition but unfortunately Charlotte came 5thmissing out by 2 points.

Charlotte then decided to try again the following year improving during the Autumn practices with the aim to represent the District., She then participated in the 2017 District Competition helping Hassocks to come 2ndoverall  but now she was the overall individual winner, achieving her goal!!

She therefore was chosen to represent the District. At the County competition in December 2017 Charlotte improved her District score and impressedPaul Richardson so much that he invited her to join the Horsham District air-rifle team. She now shoots with the team every Monday evening and she has even been lent a rifle so that she can practice at home with her parents approval.

Just recently she was selected for the National scout squad and has been to competitions at the National Rifle Association at Bisley in Surrey and at Aldersley just north of Wolverhampton. She has had the chance to shoot air-rifles, air-pistols and small-bore rifles using real bullets!

In 2018 she came in the top 4 in the District Competition and again represented the District in the County competition

She plays several sports, but shooting is by far her favourite – She is very grateful to the Scouts for giving me this opportunity, and would recommend shooting to anyone.

If you have the chance to do it – you should!

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