This guide has been produced for the use of all Leaders, Scouts and Explorers participating in the Mid Sussex District 2022 Overland Hike training programme, it should also be used by parents, so that everyone participating fully understands what is involved. It will prove to be an invaluable document during the training programme. As in previous years the training is open to everybody and will help younger Scouts get prepared for the Mid Sussex Challenge Hike in June.

The Overland Hike is a 2-day hike competition often called the “Ultimate Challenge”; it is open to entry to teams of four Scouts or Explorers from East and West Sussex, the route is a secret with teams only aware of the start and finish.

The information within this document gives you detailed information on what Mid Sussex District have planned with regard training for the 2022 Overland Hike, including what the training involves, where we are going and what equipment you will need allowing you to fully prepare for the “Ultimate Challenge”. The training will be led by the District team.

For the 2020 Overland we did a full training programme only to have the event cancelled 2 weeks before the date due to Covid, in 2021 there was again no Overland Hike as such we need to look back to 2019 for the success of Mid Sussex District on the event, 6 Scout teams entered in 2019 with teams finishing in 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, 14th and 24th, in the Explorers section the District entered 8 teams with these teams finishing 1st, 7th, 11th, 14th, 19th, 24th, 25th and 26th. 1st place in the Explorer section was a great achievement by Trident ESU “Woodpigeons” who have participated both as Scouts and Explorers in our District training since inception. 61No teams entered the 2019 competition with 14No entered from Mid Sussex. This success has largely come about from our District training hence the reason why the District is again putting together this training guide.

Rest assured participating in the Overland Hike is a great experience however, the thought of walking 20+ miles with a 10kg pack may sound daunting, but don’t worry, with training and some determination you can achieve it, we all must start somewhere and hopefully it will be a great experience.

The Overland Hike takes place on the 26th and 27th March 2022, our training programme begins on Sunday 23rd January 2022 with an introductory hike for all north of Worthing, after this training will be available most weekends up to the actual Overland Hike, locations will vary from Ashdown Forest to Lewes with a mix of checkpoints and simple hiking/map reading and while attending all the training sessions will prepare you better for the event we appreciate  you may not have the time to come out every weekend.

To participate in the Overland Hike, you need to………………………………………….

Be prepared and have a team spirit

Some teams may be of experienced walkers and some may be of Scouts/Explorers tackling the Overland Hike for the 1st time however, by the end of the training whoever you are you will feel fit enough to complete the distance, have the Scouting skills and most importantly be a team of 4 who work together well and want to tackle the “Ultimate Challenge”.


Date Start and Finish Details
Sunday 23rd January Meet in Washington at 9.00am, returning to Washington by about 2.30pm. Hike Open to all Scouts and Explorers, teams can be accompanied by leader/adult as required, no checkpoints or team recovery available. If you plan to join us, please E mail Fred on   

29th/30th January No training session.
Saturday 5th February Start/Finish Wivelsfield Green Village Hall. Hike Open to all Scouts and Explorers, teams can be accompanied by leader/adult as required
Saturday 12th February Start/Finish at Jack and Jill Windmill. Hike Open to all Scouts and Explorers, teams can be accompanied by leader/adult as required
Sunday 20th February No training session, District Checkpoint Challenge on Ashdown Forest however, this event is a good event to participate in as part of the training.
26th/27th February No training session.
5th/6th March No training session, Monopoly Run in London, a good event to participate in, route planning on a different scale and a chance to still get some walking/running in.
Saturday 12th/Sunday 13th March Start at 42nd Brighton Scout HQ, Saltdean finish midday Sunday at Balcombe Church (Lewes). Full training expedition in “Overland” conditions, including camping and cooking, the next best thing to the real event.
Sunday 20th March Meet at 1st HH Scout HQ at 10:00am collect at 2:00pm A visit to the start and finish locations followed by incident training and equipment checks at 1st Hayward’s Heath Scout HQ.
Saturday/Sunday 26th/27th March The Overland Hike


The District has a Facebook page called “Mid Sussex District Scout Hikes”, if you’re on Facebook it’s well worth joining as we post regular updates during weekend practice hikes keeping you up to date in how the teams are progressing.

Scouts/Explorers (and of course parents): Please put these dates in your diary now and try and plan your weekends such that you’re available for as many training sessions as possible. Please note that the weather will have to be something special for a training session to be cancelled, you need to experience everything the UK weather can throw at you, in the last couple of years we have had rain, snow, fog and even the sun has been seen on the Overland Hike.